Welcome to the virtual sailor weather routing server
After many sleepless nights playing the Volvo Ocean Race game years ago, and spending too much time fooling around with possible tracks, missing few low-pressure systems and so on, I decided to challenge my programming skills instead and try writing automatic weather routing software. In the end that is why we have computers - to automate tedious tasks. And the real sailors and racers use such software too. It turned out to work pretty well, so I decided to show it to the world, hence this site.
This tool should be able to answer the question "What is the fastest way of sailing my virtual boat from point A to point B, given the current weather forecast. I believe it does it as accurately as possible.
There is new Chrome extension to monitor boat data and transfer the position. Please read this thread before installing.

What can it do?
  • It can save you a lot of effort and hours of time spent plotting charts and looking for optimal solution by hand.
  • It should be able to predict your boat position in the next 12 hours accurately and help you schedule watches, turns and waypoints
  • The new weather forecast is available earlier. This gives you more time to make decisions.
  • It helps you make strategical decisions, but won't make them for you. You decide on your own strategy by setting the goal.

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