Post by iconPost by nsp | 2019-04-16 | 14:54:31

I just noticed that the plotted course in game UI is not accurate (not still) and it moves from one side to another if you dragg the boat to left and right of the game interface.

I noticed it because I was pointing to the cape at E of Honolulu coming from North without fixed TWA to be more accurate. If I drag the boat to the left of GUI fully zoomed (or close to fully zoomed, as you should do to be more accurate and avoid running aground) it closes to land, if I drag it to the right of GUI it keeps a bit more far away from land.

This can be an issue if you need to keep safe distance from land and you have your boat (in this case) to the right of your UI.

I'll try to test it in another situations, but for the time being it may be safer if you guys are aware of this in order to avoid running aground, as the plotted course seems to not be accurate.

have safe roundings.


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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-04-25 | 16:21:59
It looks like there is some parallax in the projection.
Post by iconPost by nsp | 2019-04-27 | 15:51:57
Exactly Cvetan.

The thing here is if it is only the viewpoint that changes or if the object (boat) also slightly changes place.

Navigating close to shore, rounding capes or buoys, it may be an issue. Not sure yet.

Still if it's only viewpoint changing it also may recquire a bit of atention, since in one view you may be aground and in the other you are safe. It's better to be aware of this until we have an explanation.

I would say its advisable for the time being to tune navigation in the worst case scenario viewpoint.


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