Anyone else affected in TJV Imoca, (or any other race)? Stuck north of Kerlouan
Post by iconPost by turtle 1663 | 2021-11-07 | 21:34:58

Decided to give the game a try again but nothing has changed I guess.

As send to support:

It is impossible to set a course as the course line keeps changing all the time for no apparent reason, as a result I supposedly ran aground north of Kerlouan from which I have been trying to come off for the last hour or so without any results. In short, I am stuck in that position and there is nothing I can do. The game is obviously having problems and it seems I am one of the affected players. Either place me back with the leaders where I was (as you can see in your log), or make a refund and we move on.

Not holding my bread though.

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Post by iconPost by turtle 1663 | 2021-11-07 | 21:43:09
... also not my breath :D
Post by iconPost by turtle 1663 | 2021-11-08 | 07:05:06
Such a waste of time and money, but as we know a sucker is born every minute ....

bye bye and have fun
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2021-11-08 | 16:42:42
There is a support group for those escaping an abusive relationship with VR at

No Zezo support,YET, but multiple routing and analysis tools created by some of the same helpful people you met in this forum.

Post by iconPost by turtle 1663 | 2021-11-08 | 18:05:14
Cheers Bill, but the damage has been done so early in the race, and nothing is going to change that. Good luck!
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