Adjustable timeshift ?
Post by iconPost by Silver Wings | 2021-03-18 | 07:19:32

In complex races such as Caribbean, Nord or Maitre Coq, it's hard to figure out what will be the best conditions / route after passing the next mark, since any future route calculation will start with “now” weather conditions.
A suggestion is to generalize (for all races) the “adjustable timeshift” we have in Jules Verne: then I can change both start point and start time for any segment.
Or is there any other option?

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Post by iconPost by Pierre | 2021-03-18 | 21:34:26
Indeed, it would be very nice... unless it already exists ?
Post by iconPost by Silver Wings | 2021-03-21 | 10:56:43
Seen it on VR-Zen

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