Post by iconPost by Pietieman57 | 2023-06-20 | 13:00:54

I have nearly completed the Cape Town to Auckland race on Sailonline, using Zezo as a router. I am currently in 26th position out of 147 virtual sailors. Thank you Zezo! :-)

The only reason I could do that is because I used "The Ocean Race #5" as basis, by just changing starting and destination coordinates, because Sailonline used boats with similar polars.

Would it not be great if Zezo can allow alternative Polars to be imported, so that couch-potatoes like me can use this user-friendly app to enter other virtual sailing races on other platforms?

I have tried other routers but they are just too complicated for virtual games.

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Post by iconPost by Pietieman57 | 2023-07-10 | 17:35:36
No official comments or replies????
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