VR Waypoint Heavy Bug Reporting
Post by iconPost by Ventura_317 | 2021-04-13 | 07:43:41

All WP maintained permanently on the map and in the WP Table windows(with false data)
Strange position on the Boat not heading the next WP
Strange line between the 1st WP and the futur active WP
Main consequence : blocked in use of WP until reaching the WP 9 (Full pack)

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Post by iconPost by Ventura_317 | 2021-04-13 | 09:55:05
I did a test this morning with 9 WP activated and I got an other strange story ( more or less similar to previously described bug but this time including more trouble on my screen as you can see ( boat is jumping from Active WP to 1st WP location )

Post by iconPost by DeskSailor | 2021-04-15 | 00:23:51
I didn't use WPs much at all this race but my manoeuvres towards the finish, last 4-5 hours, well, my course steered track shown was very inaccurate for a while making me think I'd altered course at different locations and on to different headings than I had.

Very confusing.
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