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Post by iconPost by TanSail | 2023-12-23 | 13:58:08

Dears - could you pls help me with information how to connect VR data to qtVlm - mainly how to extract/import the boat position to qtVlm ? Thanks !

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Post by iconPost by noramila | 2023-12-26 | 07:02:44
You can use a protocol like NMEA or Signal K to transmit the boat position data. Check your VR system supports these protocols for data output.
In qtVlm you can access the connection settings select the appropriate data interface and input the received data to display the position of the boat.
Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2023-12-26 | 20:39:32
This time I'd say it's not the prompt writer's fault. Ditch the AI system.
Post by iconPost by TanSail | 2023-12-27 | 20:08:28
Hardtack - could you pls advice TCP server address to connect qtVlm to your VR Dashboard - I have read that's the option to retrieve boat position ? Thanks !

Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2023-12-28 | 17:24:18
You need to run the TCP server yourself - download it from here.

Please find instructions in the VRDashboard user manual (link in VRDashboard).

Post by iconPost by TanSail | 2023-12-29 | 23:18:30
Thanks much Hardtack ! Best wishes for the upcoming New Year !!
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