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Post by iconPost by jeandumanson | 2021-01-20 | 17:02:05

Hi everybody! First, Thanks to Cvetan for all his job!
I am looking for .cht maps , more specifically carribean there somebody to help me ? Thanks in advance. Jean

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Post by iconPost by Ventura_317 | 2021-01-20 | 18:42:23
Have a look to Gwened_56 videos ....or on VR Forum ( also Gwened_56)
Dailymotion › Gwened_56
Good luck

Post by iconPost by jeandumanson | 2021-01-20 | 22:46:49
Thanks Ventura 317 for your answer but only good souvenirs and oldies on Gwened 56 side ! I found a little on VRGuide blogspot by Le Grand Dic but unfortunately not Carribean maps !
Post by iconPost by jeandumanson | 2021-02-01 | 12:29:45
Nobody still using VRTool ? I'm a bit surprised ...
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2021-02-01 | 13:22:29
What did it bring that we don't have in nowadays tools ?

(or which VRTool features did you use that you can't find anywhere else, that you would like to see implemented ?)
Post by iconPost by jeandumanson | 2021-02-03 | 14:31:34
Hi toxcct !Thanks for the interest in my question. I use VRtool for 2 reasons:
1.- I can compare very easily different zezo roads -mine at different times or mine with opposants-on the same map.
2.- The .cht maps are more than useful to put waypoints on the game without being aground !!!
Have you any ideas for §2 ?
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2021-02-03 | 15:48:38
I don't see many solutions to avoid going aground.

You can either sail far enough of the shores, or if you absolutely want to come closer, then sail with constant heading instead of fixed TWA.

The big problem here is that VR shores map is quite different than zezo's map, which is also different than what the VRDashboard can display through Google Maps...

Post by iconPost by Ricard34 | 2021-02-03 | 19:33:55
Hello, how do you import Zezo routes in VRTool please ?
Post by iconPost by Avontuur | 2021-02-10 | 17:46:03

Post by iconPost by jf44 | 2021-02-04 | 05:21:20
I think that in the 2010 we did translate VR maps in VRTool maps. So they where very accurate for VR.
Since the new VR after 2016 I do not use any of these tools. I can't even find any of them in my computer ;>((
Post by iconPost by jeandumanson | 2021-02-04 | 10:14:46
Hi Ricard 34 , I use excel zezo vers VRtool found on the web. Apparently no more available but I can send you a copy if you want.
Post by iconPost by Ricard34 | 2021-02-04 | 21:24:12
Yes please what is your VR boat name ? :)
Post by iconPost by jeandumanson | 2021-02-05 | 04:53:06
boat abbaye
Post by iconPost by mcmgj | 2021-02-10 | 12:27:04
@ricard34 and @jeandumanson please contact me on VR in MB to mcmgj1, in french if possible

Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2021-02-10 | 12:44:30
Why wouldn't you share here, Guy ?
Post by iconPost by jeandumanson | 2021-02-10 | 15:38:11
@ toxcct : Very simple, I don't know how sharing an excel file except by email !
@ mcmgj1 : c'est fait!
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2021-02-10 | 15:59:50
You could use a hosting service (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) and share the link ;)
Post by iconPost by jeandumanson | 2021-02-10 | 15:46:53
And more ...I'm still looking for anyone who wants to share carribean.cht or other maps ...
Post by iconPost by jeandumanson | 2021-02-10 | 19:18:54
@toxcct: it's certainly the best way but I'm not friendly and fluent with Google drive and others! If you give me your name boat, I'll send you an email and so it will be quicker to send you the file!

Post by iconPost by Avontuur | 2021-02-10 | 20:50:42
to answer question 1 as an alternative:
- copy the route.zezo gpx part with the track and paste it in a notepad.
- plan the second route in zezo and download again the gpx part.
- look in the end of the notepad file for </rte></gpx>
- create some space with returns before that
- paste your second route in
- remove the header of your second route:
<?xml version="1.0"?><gpx xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="1.0" creator="Route"> <rte> <name>RZ Jules Verne Trophy - 6feb</name>

- now you can convert this file to KML with:

The route is now combined and will go from the end to the start of the second.
You can see the date/time in the waypoint boxes you can adjust windy to the same moment.

there are some tricky things with the text file and gpx extensions. You need to play around to get it working. When it is working you can use the existing files with new tracks
I hope it helps
Post by iconPost by jeandumanson | 2021-02-11 | 08:41:13
Thanks @Avontuur but a bit complicated for me and does not fullfil all my needs !! Thanks again
Post by iconPost by olafgunarson | 2021-03-22 | 05:43:55
I'm also curious to know how "le grand dic" & co use to create the .cht map, anyone know? All the links are dead on the bib blog of .cht maps ...
Post by iconPost by zedstar | 2021-03-27 | 20:11:37
Glad to see that there are still VRTool users ;)

In the past, VR mapping was in bitmap (pixels), it was easy to retrieve images and draw outlines. Le grand dic & co version draws one square per pixel. I participated in a collective to draw larger polygons (32x32 degrees) to get lighter files. The project was stopped when VR changed its interface in 2016 and since I play rather on regattagamme, always with the same VRTool charts table, but other tips ;)

An overview of the project and what has been mapped:

I have the files somewhere in my archives, I didn't think anyone would be interested;)
Post by iconPost by NumeroDixTV | 2021-03-27 | 23:59:07
Hello zedstar, could you please share your .cht files archives ? Thank you very much ! :)

Post by iconPost by zedstar | 2021-03-28 | 12:19:42
Here are my old files :

Didn't check if it matched the current VR mapping

Post by iconPost by NumeroDixTV | 2021-03-29 | 14:22:26
Thanks a lot!

They seem to use the same mapping, they just moved a little N/S E/W in 2016. I will try to modify the files to match the current VR and will give them to the community when it's done but it could take time.

When they changed the map in 2016, people tought it was not good anymore because they crashed, but they just made a little change. Perhaps to dissuade people to use those maps.

I contacted VR but they act like they don't understand my question.

3 or 4 teams still use those files but it's like a secret they don't want to tell or share so i'll try to do it because it seems like an unfair advantage, especially for newcomers.
Post by iconPost by regattagame | 2021-03-28 | 20:30:37
Hi jeandumanson (and zedstar btw ;) ),

Not sure what .cht files are, but it seems you are looking for some files for coast detection on VR.
In 2013 I sniffed almost all coasts files from VR to build my own custom router (avoiding rocks).
Not sure VR is still using the same coasts files.

I quit VR in 2014, fed up with annoying ads always poping up, pay to win system,frequent bugs at races start, poor communication, disrespect to users, forum closing and/or banning when important and sensitive infos where asked and much more... to build our own sailing game ( with a few rrr team's mates (gtlog, wineblood and cookie).

In the zip archive that you can download below, you'll find a set of subfolders as it was used in VR at that time (strange coordinates system that I can't remember of the weird architecture).
There is also a main global image at the folder root (globeCailloux.png) displaying the places of the earth that were sniffed (most of all oceans).
In each sublfolders you'll find png 256x256 grayscale images: black is sea, white is land.

Can't say if VR is still using the same coasts files, and if yes wether you can convert these png images into .cht files.

Hope that can help, but best advice is to set sail to another decent and friendlier sailing game... ;)

zip archive (15 MB):
Post by iconPost by zedstar | 2021-03-29 | 16:24:58
blz t'es un coquin, avec une telle base de donnée ils ont la carte du monde ;)

blz you're a rascal, with such a database they have the map of the world;) transforming that into a vector map is at the mercy of a computer intern.

@NumeroDixTV : The VR mapping is SRTM Water Body Data and don't expect too much response from the staff, the trainees who designed this were fired a long time ago.

Post by iconPost by NumeroDixTV | 2021-03-29 | 17:01:05
Thanks !
I don't expect any answer from VR to be honest, just trying.
Hopefully there are people like you who still share the knowledge :)

Post by iconPost by yucatan | 2021-03-30 | 16:32:51
thanks very much zedstar,your cards will be very useful in futur.but sorry they stop just west denmark...
if anybody have baltic cards we are all takers...
thanks again!!!
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