Anyone using the VR in-game router? Is it any good? Other routing software?
Post by iconPost by chelonia | 2022-01-06 | 07:21:40

A bit rough around the edges but at least you´re planning towards what is actually happening/expected in the game/weather changes etc. Zezo and the in-game router don´t always seem to disagree and who do you rely on then? Is there any other routing software out there you use and if so which one(s)?

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Post by iconPost by indus81 | 2022-02-17 | 10:40:58
Le routeur de VR n'est pas bon près des côtes ou obstacles.
Celui de Zezo est un bon routeur pour le large, quand il n'y a pas de relief.
Le profil côtier de la carte ZEZO est différent de celui de VR (antartique) Donc le routage proposé n'est pas adapté et optimisé pour la Carte de VR.Il tient bien compte des profils côtiers

The RV router is not good near coasts or obstacles.
That of Zezo is a good router for the open sea, when there is no relief.
The coastal profile of the ZEZO map is different from that of VR (antartic) So the proposed routing is not adapted and optimized for the VR map.It takes good account of coastal profiles

Sur smatphone, SAILGRIB se débrouille très bien partout. le report des points de programmation proposés se fait sans surprise. Si vous respecter le timing et le TWA de chaque point ,le Cap VR correspond à celui de sailgrib. Ce n'est pas le cas avec ZEZO qui dérive rapidement.
On a smartphone, SAILGRIB does very well everywhere. the postponement of the proposed programming points is done without surprise. If you respect the timing and the TWA of each point, the Cape VR corresponds to that of sailgrib. This is not the case with ZEZO which drifts quickly.

VRZEN, Routeur remarquable pour ces possibilités de projection avec un point intermédiaire possible, enregistrement de trois routes pour comparer, ou voir l'évolution des routes dans le temps. Très bien pour choisir son équipement avant course avec date de départ differé
Il y a une légère divergence avec VR de Cap lors du report de route
VRZEN, Router remarkable for these possibilities of projection with a possible intermediate point, recording of three routes to compare, or see the evolution of the routes over time. Very good for choosing your equipment before the race with a delayed start date.
There is a slight discrepancy with VR de Cap during the route report.

Post by iconPost by theo | 2022-02-20 | 17:19:14
I use only Z so far. It is true about the obstacles and near land/Islands etc. The map of Zezo does not agree in detail with VR, but what in the world do you need the router for, in cases like that? In open see, when you make yr main planning is working very well and I believe much better than VR's router whenever that one works. I've heard about Vrzen. The possibility to use in between marker, or in cases that more than one routes seam to have similar chances, is great to have it all in your screen and be able to see the development of each and then choose the one to follow. It may be an advantage in specific situations. Overall, with Zezo you re good enough to perform top level.
Post by iconPost by Elee | 2022-02-27 | 02:30:59
Chelonia, I have been using the W4VR app that the game leads you too if you try the in game router. It is subscription based, but you can route futher out than the Express router in the game. The subscription price is $13.99 US for 3 monts, but it gives you not only Express (or Fast) routing, but also Normal and Expert. Without the subscription , you have to manually plot the turn points once you get back to the game. With the subscription it will download your choices for you. I have found very little difference between Zezos and W4VR. I still often check Z to see if thinking is different. With either one you also have to apply your sailing skills to get the best result. I like W4VR for it’s graphics and it will do followed boats routing as well as multi poInt routing if you want to compare different routes. BTW, it is iOS based, not PC.
Post by iconPost by chelonia | 2022-03-13 | 10:50:09
Thank you all for your input!
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