Winds speed : map display bug ?
Post by iconPost by Eldian | 2023-08-28 | 13:48:08

it's seems there's a display bug with the winds speed.
At my position, the wind speed in my boat zone is 3,9 kts.
On the map, the wind speed displayed is 39 kts.

Anyone see the same thing ?

Thank you

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Post by iconPost by Eldian | 2023-08-28 | 13:50:33
And winds direction displayed are false too.
On Figaro leg 1.

Post by iconPost by pierrevoile | 2023-08-28 | 14:48:52
Yes it's clearly a bug.
widns are strong everywhere in the world (from 40 to 70 kn)
organized in strips, no more winds turning around low pressure and hight pressure regions.

definitely a bug

Post by iconPost by Robot_Rock | 2023-08-29 | 14:43:13
Clearing your browser cache should fix the problem.
Post by iconPost by Pietieman57 | 2023-08-29 | 15:04:15
Thank you @Robot_Rock, your suggestion did resolve the problem!
Post by iconPost by Eldian | 2023-08-30 | 06:10:43
Yes, that works.
Thank you :)
Post by iconPost by The Licorne | 2023-08-30 | 17:39:11
Merci pour cette solution qui a r�solu mon probl�me

Post by iconPost by pierrevoile | 2023-08-31 | 16:14:53
thank you for the team, everything OK now
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