how to manage the energy on VR?
Post by iconPost by Ptit Pimousse | 2022-07-02 | 06:24:51

Quick question to all the pro out there. Following the route along Portugal, all the routeurs are giving me a few gybes which are likely to cost me all my energy. To that extent, I ahve decided to push further out after passing Galicia, allowing for a reduction of drop on my energy bar. But is it the right strategy? Should I just follow the routers and just lose the energy or should I conserve it at all cost?

I am a little confused as to what to do to be honest.


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Post by iconPost by Swedeville | 2022-07-02 | 13:23:41
I'm not a pro, which is probably why I reported the whole stamina feature as bug. They've tried to make VR as realistic as possible and then they introduce a feature that says your crew gets completely exhausted doing 4 sail changes per day. Eight hours of doing nothing and your stamina is still only half full.
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2022-07-02 | 14:51:33
Zezo, like all the other routers I'm aware of, does not know your current energy state, sail or tack. It does take into account normal sail change penalties. However, since it doesn't know your current state, if it calls for an immediate change of tack and sail change, that is not taken into account.

So, something for you to manage manually. Remember as well, when your energy is full, maneuvers take half the normal time.
Post by iconPost by NikoSurcouf | 2022-07-02 | 19:28:24
Hi BooBill,
Yes vrzen now takes the stamina into account and you can set your current energy state.
Post by iconPost by lemulot79 | 2022-07-02 | 16:22:41
I note that my maneuvers do not take longer than before .... (on VRDahbord), but I have never gone to zero energy.
Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2022-07-02 | 16:30:36
VRDashboard 3.18 doesn't know about stamina. I just submitted version 3.19 that displays stamina and takes it into account in the displayed penalties.
Post by iconPost by mb007 | 2022-07-02 | 19:08:39
Dear Hardtack, thanks for everything. One question how to upgrade VRDashboard 3.18 (current) to version 3.19 ???? Thank you very much.
Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2022-07-02 | 20:04:20
Google still needs to verify and publish the new extension version. This usually takes a few days. Once published, Chrome automatically pulls the new version when it's restarted.
Post by iconPost by mb007 | 2022-07-03 | 03:20:52
Thank you very much, very clear.
Post by iconPost by fransou | 2022-07-10 | 09:00:31
Hi. ok for the new version 3.19 and thanks for that, but... it will be interesting to know stamina for all the boats on the tab "Fleet" . please !!!
Post by iconPost by mb007 | 2022-07-04 | 22:48:27
Hi Hardtack, the VRDashboard has been updated to 3.19.0, I ask you the power setting is transparent to the user or you have to see something in particular. Thanks for everything and sorry for the inconvenience.

Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2022-07-04 | 23:08:07
¿No comprendo?
Are the tooltips on the new stamina column and the tack, gybe and sail change columns helpful?
Post by iconPost by mb007 | 2022-07-04 | 23:22:17
Sorry. Now I see the columns you are talking about. I will study them at the next regatta.
Thank you very much.
Post by iconPost by mb007 | 2022-07-04 | 23:24:36
Sorry. I was very anxious and careless to look at the new update.
Thank you very much.
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