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Post by iconPost by Kwasi | 2022-12-05 | 15:05:27

does anybody know how to convert .csv (or any other .pol or .txt polar) in a .txt or .pol that windpredict.com can read?

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Post by iconPost by Rostef | 2023-02-06 | 08:05:34
Do you mean predictwind.com? And yes, I have a method, it's quite manual, but it works :-)

-open csv in excel, switch columns and rows, add a column for each twa angle (left of the respective boatspeed), fill it with the rescpective angle, cancel the two columns that contain only 0, copy everything exept the fist row (where you only have your twa angles) into an empty editor file, replace all 'tab' by 'space', save as .pol and import in predictwind.
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