Apply Zezo routing into VR
Post by iconPost by marsupilami | 2020-11-11 | 14:10:08


Is there any quick way to integrate a zezo routing into VR ?

I am already using VR dashboard to get VR data into zezo but I was wondering if there's a faster way than manually inputing zezo's proposal into VR ?


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Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-11-11 | 14:20:52
No, and any attempt to create an app or bot to do so would be a violation of VR's terms of service.
Post by iconPost by yamuma | 2022-03-04 | 15:33:55

It is starnge to answer this when SailGrib do this. So how it could be a violation of VR term's?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2022-03-04 | 23:06:20
SailGrib have an agreement with VR. You and I don't.
Post by iconPost by marsupilami | 2020-11-11 | 19:11:22
Makes sense. Thanks.
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