Maneuvering Bug?
Post by iconPost by Veloce | 2021-12-06 | 15:03:18

Eleven days into my Jules Verne run and I've just had three incidences over the past hour of moving a future Programation Point and when I accept the change my boat gybes instantly. Dashboard shows the maneuver but, I'm not sure how that happens when all I changed was moving a future point. I believe the only way to change your course instantly is with the Course Compass Rose. The 30% penalty for 480 seconds when you tack or gybe is what I'm trying to stop. Does anyone know how I can avoid this in the future? Also, has anyone else experienced a similar event? Cheers, Brian

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Post by iconPost by Inicio | 2021-12-09 | 14:45:30
What you describe makes me think that you are not using programming in the future. Because, when you set a programmation
in the future, the game doesn't ask you for confirmation. You seem to be acting directly on the change of course now. And when that causes a change of board or sail, then the game asks you for confirmation. But not when you are setting the programmations in the future.
Post by iconPost by SPRexxii | 2021-12-11 | 14:46:19
I Have had the same bug in my Route de Rhum with the course snapping to 0 degrees while I am configurating the future programmation. In the first case it was before bed the first night and left me a few hours adrift the peloton.

Yesterday I noticed it and had to abandon programming several times before getting it to take and stay on course.

Just more garbage development on VR's part, Its akin to loosing a rudder gudgeon and having to effect repairs. I expect VR to screw me, that way I'm in the right head space to deal with it.

Post by iconPost by SPRexxii | 2021-12-12 | 03:10:17
Well programed the Route de Rhum several hours ago, and returned home to discover that after confirming with the green check mark and leaving the interface to set up my JV boat and returning to verify programming has taken after 10 minutes. I have returned home to a boat with no programmation, and the green red boxes flashing to make a decision but the compass rose is on my heading......
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