Request for explanation: Zezo updates (deadlines)
Post by iconPost by Jeanbern19 | 2021-07-26 | 13:50:24

Request for explanation: Zezo updates (deadlines)

Hello everyone, (I'm French)
I would like to know, when an update is released on zezo, a red line appears (that's OK)
Some people wait between an hour or half an hour to actually program! why do we have to wait for this delay?
It also seems to appear then a second red line much further? !!

thank you to all of you

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Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2021-07-26 | 23:38:00
The red line denotes where the new forecast ends and the prior forecast is used after that.

One of the real skills of this game is to decide when to change course based upon a short term change of forecast, when to wait for the full route to be based on the new forecast and when to disregard it all and maintain a strategy expecting the next forecast is just going to return you to your original course.
Post by iconPost by Jeanbern19 | 2021-07-27 | 16:58:05
Hello ,
Thank you for this explanation, it's clearer now
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