Record : New York / San Francisco
Post by iconPost by emilie | 2022-06-16 | 19:15:59

Hello everyone,
I know Cvetan has a lot of work.
taking up Gribs from last year: it's not ideal!!
For The Race: Record: New Yok/San Francisco, I would like to know when it will be released.
Thank you to the whole team for your work

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Post by iconPost by emilie | 2022-06-17 | 03:41:06
Thanks to you, the routing came out last night
Post by iconPost by Pierre | 2022-06-20 | 07:54:17
Hello, does someone remember what's a good predicted time to start this record ? 213-215 hours appears green in Zezo, is that a correct time ?
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2022-06-21 | 16:09:33
That's an ok time, but not great. Great times are closer to 195-200 hours. However... The most important wind forecasts in this race will be at Cape Horn and off Baja... Which are both a LONG way past being predictable when you start. So... Start whenever you're happy with the starting conditions and your personal schedule... and hope to get lucky with the later parts of the race.
Post by iconPost by Pierre | 2022-06-22 | 08:54:43
Thanks for the advice!
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