Tara Ocean 4
Post by iconPost by Pierre | 2021-03-21 | 21:02:53

Hi all,
I suppose the race will be supported. Looking at the map, I'm wondering if it is allowed to start directly north and to sail through the small channel north of Chiloe island, or is it mandatory to sail south west around that island ?

Same question for the detour around Santa Maria island ? is it mandatory ?

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Post by iconPost by Sunkist | 2021-03-22 | 07:34:23
There is no visible buoy, so one could suppose all paths are allowed.
Post by iconPost by UUnet | 2021-03-22 | 17:06:36
There are 2 buoys now, race updated.
Post by iconPost by DeskSailor | 2021-03-25 | 13:34:49
The Jib Top, not noticed before as I rarely splurge on sails, but any idea on effective TWA range, please? Not on Toxic polars, which you'd expect for exceptional sails.

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2021-03-25 | 13:52:10
It's an alias for the foils.
Post by iconPost by DeskSailor | 2021-03-25 | 14:03:12
Roger that, thanks, I probably should have worked that out for myself.
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