VR bugs and rants
Post by iconPost by ksymeon | 2020-12-12 | 22:46:22

Played this game for the first time for Vendee 2012. Numerous issues. Twice woke up in the morning and my boat was going backwards, back to a waypoint that did not obviously register. Huge disappointment. In 2016 I refused to pay for any add-ons, encountered more bugs in the new web UI, finished 1d slower than my 2012 time.

2020 now and got confused by the purchasing options; spent 40 EUR on credits only to find out that I need to pay another 30 EUR for the "full pack"!!! (19.99 now on discount) Oh no, I don't think so. Started the race, doing pretty well, but the 24 auto-sail expiration rule came to bite me.

Was watching a movie, paused to check the "boat"... The auto-sail had expired; I was on HG which was OK at the time. Set the auto-sails back on, came back 2 hours later auto-sails were NOT ON! I was still on HG, while I should have had the LG. Lost 800 places in the meantime. How frustrating!

Here's the funny part: I add auto-sails back on, and I get 1d 22h left!!! Do the math please...

The heading indicator is all over the place. You try a new heading to check something, you cancel it gives you a random heading. I fail to even understand how it can be SO wrong!

I don't know what you people think, but personally I've been writing software for 30+ years and I would never charge money for something as buggy as this!

Next, I'm thinking, I have to pay for the Full pack now, I can't let this 24-hour limitation ruin my mood every so often. But my hand just simply can't click the PAY button, I can't get myself to justify it.

Is it just me who finds this so frustrating?. Do people have similar problems?

As I'm writing this, it just crossed my mind; I know a person who deserves my money more... Thank you zezo.org!

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Post by iconPost by tabasco2 | 2020-12-12 | 22:55:09

Post by iconPost by Jazbecevka | 2020-12-13 | 15:16:19

I also had few unreal bugs. On day 2 or 3 of the race, my boat turned on its own for 180degree,! Constantly my boat is changing its path, anglee,... 3 times I got ice zone pannalty. I m near ice zone limite, i set 90degree angle (89.750), but in 30 min my boat is doing 6.5 NM and I m at the red line.

ca 1 month ago (going to south Atlantic), I had one of the best positions,and far best weather of whole fleet, but server got stucked and I had no wind for 24h. It looked as someone didn t want our small group from east to saparate. I should be aprox.150NM infront!!!

That mistake or manipulation is reason that all the fleet is so close together, it is simple unreal! Small group from east, max 50 boats should be far far away. But there was no certificated or any well known sailor in the group,...

What are the chances, that in the most important point of the game (just before our group should get to southeren winds in Atlantic), they get weather wrong and I m in 2 to 3 knots weends for 24 hours instead of catching 20 knots!!! It could be mistake, that weather was moved for 5 hours, but it came at most brutal time and it is just,.. ehh.

Whan it happened, I looked all forums and people noticed somthing was wrong, but no one cared, couse 99% of the fleet was gaining, from this weather mistake. Only small group of noobs, that somehow got it right, was devastated by it.

I played in 2009 Jazbecevka, if u remember me I was leading for ca. 100NM no pro sails :P :D and now 11 years later I m playing again for the last time! I payed like 70eur, to get bugs all around. Until they fix weather bugs etc, it s just not for me.

Post by iconPost by Shelisteam | 2020-12-13 | 15:31:22
I,ve changed the cource for 1 deg and the penalty of manouver were aplly. No other changes were done. Any advice?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-12-13 | 15:53:03
It can happen if 1 degree difference causes a sail change. But sometimes the client gets it wrong and suggests a sail change where it won't really happen. You have to consult the polars for the given wind speed and TWA to be sure.
Post by iconPost by regattagame | 2020-12-13 | 16:19:18
Hi ksymeon and all,

I am always stunned that players who experience bugs for years go on playing and paying for them.

They are several other sailing games around, less main stream for sure, but where the players are more respected ans their opinions taken into account.
Best of them is maybe v-l-m.org, fully free and with very good tools such as the qtvlm router, although its interface is maybe a bit less intuitive than VR one.

We, at regattagame.net left VR 7 years ago, frustrated with the bugs and the poor consideration towards the players, or the payers should I say.
We build our own sailing game and it is now almost bug free. Little by little, we improve it, following the users wishes.
A yearly 20 euros donation gives little benefits such as 12 scheduler points instead of 6, or the use of the double scheduler (to compare different routes).
But you can as well play and get very good results without paying.
You can try it without registering with the use of the demo boat.

Open your mind, test other sailing games and make up your mind about why you stick to this pay to win play-acting...

Best regards
Post by iconPost by Paul Shore | 2020-12-13 | 23:11:55
Thank you regattagame
So what are the main differences between v-l-m.org and regattagame.net

Post by iconPost by regattagame | 2020-12-14 | 08:33:35
Paul Shore:

Main difference is the wind settings:
- vlm: interpolated winds, updated 4 times (at least ?) a day, and maybe time interpolated between winds changes
- regattagame: "cell" or "box" winds (same wind parameters in each 1° or 0.5° or 0.25° cell) updated only twice a day 08h00 and 20h00 CET
This make vlm more realistic, but maybe more time consuming, unlike regattagame where usually setting scheduler points twice a day at winds changes is enough.

Then regattagame interface is maybe more user friendly and intuitive (rather a personal point of view) and display a very precise +36 hours projection line ahead of the boat.

regattagame has a few special features like the fog periods and the stealth mode that help getting rid of followers, and a light random factor is applied to the NOAA winds that confuses a bit boats using routers.

Best is to make up your own mind by testing...

Thanks to Cvetan for allowing free speech on other games than VR. I doubt a few users loss will make a big difference among thousands of users.

Last but not least, big up to Cvetan for his great router. Having build a custom router some years ago, I know the challenge it is and zezo works great, no doubt about that.

Post by iconPost by Paul Shore | 2020-12-14 | 09:26:56
Thanks regattatime,
I will give them a try after VG on VR finishes. This is my frist virtual regatta. Honestly I hope I can be soon sailing again in the sea, rather than on a PC.

Regarding free speech, I remember Cvetan writing once: "I'm free spirit and like competition. That's how my father taught me."
He got all my respect there. Even more than I already had for him.

Post by iconPost by karriv | 2020-12-14 | 10:14:54
Another good alternative is sailonline.org.
Post by iconPost by jf44 | 2020-12-14 | 12:18:30
So many Sailing games. The very fisrt one was, I think, Ocean Virtuel (http://www.oceanvirtuel.eu/).
The one I like very much is Sail On Line (http://sailonline.org/), very international community, lot of tools and races.

The main difference with Virtual Regatta is marketing, not sailing :)) !
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