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Post by iconPost by occupywallstreet | 2018-03-18 | 14:31:43

Out of curiosity, I tested the help button now that we are approaching East Cape. For my surprise it gives me route that sends me directly to South with Code0. That will take me wrong side of the Peninsula. Looks like VR does not really care of the quality of the game.
So sad....

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-03-18 | 15:13:13
It shows in the ranking and the DTF of the current "leaders"

They should have at leas put a buoy/routing waypoint at East Cape.

The Help button seems to be something like a weather router, but very short-sighted, 24 hours forecast or so. That's worse than useless most of the time on a 2-week leg.

Oh, and it obviously does not consult the chart if it's leading you across the island.
Post by iconPost by occupywallstreet | 2018-03-18 | 15:43:42
Yep, For me it is not a problem. But for beginners and new people to sailing it is almost criminal. Some do pay real money to the game. This kind of executing of business is unforgiving in itself. But real VOR should be concerned, this game is a vehicle as well for VOLVO itself. I compare it with a car navigator that says go crash to the wall in the middle of Highway. Would I like to buy a car with that kind of an advice...? Maybe not
Post by iconPost by Flying Dutchman | 2018-03-18 | 17:43:15
Well said occupywallstreet! That is why I suggest all fill out the survey and complain to VOR so we might get some change to this attitude.

Regretfully the survey is very long but at the end you can make comments in a post

Post by iconPost by natto | 2018-03-18 | 18:03:00
Agreed! I tried to locate the survey but to no avail. Any chance you could post the address here? Thanks!
Post by iconPost by Flying Dutchman | 2018-03-18 | 18:44:48
It was on the VOR website under News .....but cant see it right now ):
Post by iconPost by occupywallstreet | 2018-03-18 | 18:17:07
Yes, nice to have surveys, but I reckon almost all issues have been and will be treated in here. So if there has been or will be REAL interest to develop the game, easiest would be to react to the cases that have been discussed here.
Problem with the surveys is that almost never there is feedback given to people, that give their views for free.
I am afraid this survey will be another disappointment... Grown quite tired of disappointments, Nowadays have to protect myself.
Post by iconPost by Flying Dutchman | 2018-03-18 | 18:46:34
You hav3e a point there but if you dont try you will never know:)
So I tried to stay optimistic. I have send an email to VR too a few months ago.....never got an anwser

Just resend my message to VR again:)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-03-18 | 18:55:06
It's a chicken and egg problem. VOR are always disappointed because they hire VR to do the game because that's the only option, and there is nobody else to do the game because VOR always hire VR.

There was a Dutch company that implemented a new game platform two editions ago. It was also a disappointment because it was developed from scratch and not tested enough, but it a lot more promising, tons of positive changes during the race. And then it disappeared because of some marketing or copyright issue or another.
Post by iconPost by occupywallstreet | 2018-03-18 | 20:52:10
At the moment 3 leading boats according to VR ranking all are grounded!!!
Post by iconPost by occupywallstreet | 2018-03-18 | 21:10:32
CORRECTION, TOP10 is grounded or have been or will be in couple of minutes.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-03-18 | 21:19:17
That means that in 10 more minutes the top 100 list will consist entirely of readers/contributors of this forum.

Edit: Ooops. Make that top 1000. I've underestimated the numbers a bit.
Post by iconPost by Flying Dutchman | 2018-03-18 | 21:20:06
Not for long top 10 anymore:)
Post by iconPost by occupywallstreet | 2018-03-18 | 22:03:32
What I meant that maybe quite many of the players were misguided. Of course they should have examined the course beforehand, like any mariner does with paper charts in real world. Here you should do the same, get your device's zoom to maximum and scroll your chosen course to find little rocks and maybe little bit bigger ones like North Island of New Zealand.
I am just worried that those who blindly did trust guidance of the game will walk away thinking what load of bull. (some of them even paid for it). In the words of Depeche Mode: WRONG
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