Post by iconPost by metch | 2018-03-20 | 20:03:16

How do I find a ranking list longer than the first 50,please?

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Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2018-03-20 | 20:12:19
You can't. You could in the old version of VR, but not in the current version.

All you can see is the top 50 worldwide, and then the top 50 in your country, region, and city, and the boats that you're following.
Post by iconPost by metch | 2018-03-20 | 20:18:18
Thanks for your reply.I wanted to know who is just ahead of me!
Post by iconPost by JohnT | 2018-03-20 | 22:10:04
I think we'd all like that - unfortunately the powers that be @ VR seem to be trying as hard as they can to make things difficult and less enjoyable...
At the moment it's basically a Catch-22 situation: if you know who is around you, you can see where they are...
Post by iconPost by occupywallstreet | 2018-03-20 | 22:21:32
sometimes you see more boats with 3D view than on 2D.
Post by iconPost by DeepBrine | 2018-03-21 | 06:22:24
Only solution I have is to "follow" anyone who the game allows me to see who is close to me. Over time I have dropped the ones who don't stay up and kept the ones who are competitive / ahead of me. Still limited by the max number I can follow but it helps.

Wish I could see boats within a 10 nm radius of my boat. That would nice button...
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