Post by iconPost by kalle | 2018-03-28 | 19:06:21

Hi everyone. I split the Falklands and was 0,20 miles behinds Mangina.(#2) Same course ( i now ) Check again, and lost over 1 mil to him. No sailchange, no grounding... all was ok.

I hope someone here can explane. Thanks

ps. Otherwise is not ok if it is a game bug.

See forward to here.


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Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2018-03-28 | 19:21:53
There were two islands in there. Did you go between them, or leave them both to port?

Mangina and I both went between them, and we both made significant gains on the boats that left both islands to port.
Post by iconPost by kalle | 2018-03-28 | 19:32:54
Same route as Mangina. I now. Between the island. It cant be anything about sailchange. We both had C0. And sailchange only wil be 0.25 mil
Post by iconPost by kalle | 2018-03-28 | 19:36:03
I have asked Sideshow who were close, but he didnt respond. I don`t now why
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2018-03-28 | 20:19:29
Sorry, then... No idea. You're in stealth, so I can't even begin to guess.

Post by iconPost by kalle | 2018-03-28 | 20:40:52
Thanks for looking up YourMon. Otherwise others.....
Post by iconPost by MonkeyGone | 2018-03-28 | 21:45:30
I went through the islands, hit my last waypoint and the boat turned back 180 degrees and backtracked the course for an hour before I noticed. 1000 places down. Novel experience and a little annoying. No idea why this happened and of course now no way to check. Be happy you only lost a mile!

Post by iconPost by marcusbelgicus | 2018-03-29 | 20:06:15
I had a similar situation this morning. Autosail ON, penalty, but no sails change on the Dashboard, I kept CO. I guess it happened in between the 2 minutes, and the server recorded that. Is there a way to record any sail change that would have happened within the 2 minutes when the data are recorded?
Post by iconPost by mak08 | 2018-03-29 | 21:24:15
The Dashboard tries to verify if the reported speeds and position updates fit together, but I can't think of a way to deduce sail changes if the server does not report them. I also think it is unlikely that the server changes sails back and forth within a cycle (but of course this server does many things you'd find unlikely).

What I have observed earlier is an (auto-) sail change without a penalty followed by a penalty without a sail change several cycles later - as if the server uses different speed threshold for the sail change and the penalty.

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