VOR 7 ... The whip pops at the end ... at the very end
Post by iconPost by Nicknautic | 2018-04-05 | 10:56:08

First congrats to all sailors … oh my god was that a close finish of VOR leg 7.
However here is my finish story to let you smirk (or make nasty about).
On place 150 I tried to cut a little of the course, set the last gybe a little early than the leading pack and sailed thru the islands. Worked fine and jumped in the top 20. I went back to bed hoping when I wake up I will get big applause in the harbour. But the very last landmark changed everything and I grounded … I wake up because my cat puked … started the pc … froze in panic … sailed of the coast finished 19min after tessa and drop to 398. Shit .. blame to me and thank to my cat. I would have dropped much more without here puke on the carpet.
Conclusion: The whip pops at the end (free translation of a German saying) ... at the very end and puke is sometimes very helpful (personal experience)

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Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2018-04-05 | 16:04:49
Definitely thank your cat for puking. You would have been 10,000th by morning!

I never ever ever sail close to land via programmation without being online to monitor it. If I must sail close to land while not online, I use waypoints even if it means I can't sail proper VMG angles.

I rarely get up during the night. Usually sleep 6-8 hours. But situations like the one you were sailing into are cases I'd usually stay up for (or wake up for, or try to sleep through and fail to and wake up anyway).
Post by iconPost by kewcom | 2018-04-05 | 20:24:02
Wish I had a cat!
Set waypoints up but something went wrong and I went aground by the finish.....lost about 12,000 places!!!!
Post by iconPost by Popeye2 | 2018-04-07 | 01:09:14
Same here,boat stuck on one of my waypoint between the 2rocks,don’t know why but lost 4000 places..ask vr if it was a glitch from the game,still no answer very frustrated

Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-04-05 | 21:44:13
I've set waypoints out nicely and ran into the 180 reverse bug. Probably caused by the bug that waypoints must me 10 minutes separated. Which is stupid, because time depends on wind ... (direction and strength).

I didn't trust them very much, was awake and saw my boat return. Lost a couple of place but not too muc.

Waypoints are more accurate than manual steering around cliffs and other nasty stuff, because th user interface is so crappy and irresponsive.

Too time a tick or gybe, you basically need programming and as NMS player that is the main limitation (apart from missing some sail option and often hull polish). I have to save for the nights or time during work I can't make the tack / gybe.

Post by iconPost by JohnT | 2018-04-06 | 04:16:48
After my experience in the CSR I caution everyone to even beware waypoints: I had a course between two waypoints that definitely didn't go over land (at max zoom in), but I still went aground...luckily I was watching, so only lost ~5 mins.
Post by iconPost by Alex Wind | 2018-04-06 | 15:39:30
In my case, the finish of this race was so close. In France, my ETA was around 6 on the morning. I stayed online till 1:00 am, my position was around 70th. I choosed to put waypoints, a course a little bit north to finish with a best TWA.
When I wake up, I was at the 94 th position.
It was for me, a very difficult race, very good level, and many options possible after the Horn.
Amazing, congrats to the 300 firts players who finish close.

Post by iconPost by mcmgj | 2018-04-06 | 22:44:40
hi, Nicknautic, I think I was close to you before and after your problem, because I was 153... and I make mistake to turn one minute too early, the client side was ready to turn, but not the server, so I go to aground, just some seconds, i changed direction, i verified on the dashboard, no penalty, but speed divided by 2. After this, my new rank was 430! I pass through the finish line 396!!!
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-04-07 | 09:11:03
half speed is because of the tack penalty ...

(been there, done that)
Post by iconPost by Popeye2 | 2018-04-07 | 16:27:01
Where do you see the penalty ?

Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-04-07 | 17:30:42
in the VR Dashboard you can see penalties for tack/gybe/sailchange ...
Post by iconPost by Popeye2 | 2018-04-07 | 01:12:08
So what s the point of having waypoint if it doesn’t work close by land :-(
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-04-07 | 09:10:14
excelllent question ;)
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