Post by iconPost by chelonia | 2018-05-18 | 06:38:54

Morning Skippers,

Maybe discussed before but is there a group of non-paying players. If not, how about we organize one?! Just create a new boatname with the extension "FUVR". Rule is that you can use your 1200 or so free points on whatever you like but that´s it. Equal level playing field with the only strategic option decision on what you choose at the beginning of the race with the free points, depending on the route/prevailing weather etc. I guess cheating is possible, but it´s a gentleman´s agreement sort of thing. A requirement could be to make a screenshot of your options to be shared on request or when winning. Just an idea. What do you guys think?

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Post by iconPost by chelonia | 2018-05-18 | 07:45:40
Just created boatname "NorthSea FUVR" for next VOR leg. I was given 1700 points, not sure if that´s because of the new account or counts towards everyone. Reaching sail and winch options bought. Who´s next?!!
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-05-18 | 08:47:39
Hi Chelonia,

We have group on Facebook for No Money Sailors. Only rule: do not use the credit card or any other form of real money. It is allowed to use credits from one race for the next race.

What you mean is what exists on the VR House Club as PDD (Prime de Depart), where you have a few choices and that's it. Disadvantage is that it is mainly (only) French.

Feel free to join us on FB or look up de PDD frenchies.

Post by iconPost by marcusbelgicus | 2018-05-18 | 18:34:35
Yes there is a challenge on the clubhouse (PDD). Rules have been translated in english, spanish and esperanto. There is a recall of the rules in both english and french for each race and the ranking for everyday is always commented in both languages. But you can have comments from players in french only.
There are about 50-60 players for each race.

Post by iconPost by chelonia | 2018-05-18 | 19:47:27
Thanks Marcus. Won´t let me pass the security test even with strongest PW. Try later. Would be nice to have a Zezo group here though :-)
Post by iconPost by chelonia | 2018-05-18 | 08:54:36
Thanks Mike, but I have no facebook sorry.
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