Monaco Globe Series
Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2018-05-24 | 14:25:24

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Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2018-05-24 | 15:37:35
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-05-25 | 16:26:45
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2018-05-29 | 15:26:02
FWIW, they appear to have learned from the mistakes of Ultimed and Mini en Mai... The marks in this race are really clearly defined. The only thing I can think of that might be unclear is whether or not you could go North of Sardinia on your way from Buoy 2 to Gate 3. I'm guessing you could, and if you can, then there isn't anything vague about the visible course.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-05-29 | 18:07:36
Mark 2 is also a gate, with the other end on the E side of Palermo bay, so you can't sail around Sicily.

No other marks/gates (so far).

Passing back via gate 1 should not unwind it after passing Gate 2. Most of the current races would fail if that was the case.
Post by iconPost by ludo13470 | 2018-05-30 | 12:54:12

Many thanks for your job to give us the polars.

I've got a problem with downloading the polars of Monaco Series : a error message when trying to download them. Is it normal ?

It runs good for all the other races.
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2018-05-30 | 13:36:32
Oh, yes, I did not generate the zipped CSV for Monaco, because now, the generator is live, so you can build your own CSV...

Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2018-05-31 | 15:44:12
I updated the Polars Chart application so that the download links (CSV and POL) get grayed out if the files are not found on the server :)

Anyway, can I ask you which usage of the pregenerated files you are having ?
Were you using single-sail polars, or consolidated ones ?
Have you considered using the CSV Generator as well, or you didn't know about it so far (or you don't know how to use it) ?
Post by iconPost by Alex Wind | 2018-06-02 | 11:10:19
Hi guys,
Is it a tottaly non paying race?
Post by iconPost by BGSteMarine | 2018-06-03 | 14:12:19
Hi Alex,
what do you mean by "totally non paying race" ?
Post by iconPost by Alex Wind | 2018-06-05 | 19:18:45
I thought it's not possible to buy full option, but it is.
Good start for me, but, I hit a small island and loose many time.
By the way, in the real race, routing is prohibited :D
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2018-06-05 | 20:04:08
In real race, racers have time to join the finish line (-_-)
Post by iconPost by GeGaX | 2018-06-06 | 05:20:15
@Alex Wind :
On-board routing is allowed, outside routing (on the ground) is forbidden.
Read the ICs well. 😉
Post by iconPost by Steve_NZ777 | 2018-06-06 | 09:32:38
What happens if nobody can finish the race in the allocated time?
It closes in a couple of days and we are still a long way from the finish line.
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2018-06-06 | 13:40:32
Race extended until 12th of june...
Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2018-06-07 | 04:13:38
I seriously hope that ridge isn't going to overtake us like the in game forecast says it will!
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