Post by iconPost by Mullionman | 2018-07-21 | 11:05:37

As usual VR has a completely different route for the last leg of the Clipper race than the real race. They will be going anti clockwise around Ireland, whereas VR has a day long sprint down the Irish sea.
Do you get the impression that like the Volvo, VR lose interest by the time of the last leg of round the world races. They have the money so lets just get on with the next money spinner.
I think I will leave as Sailonline looks more interesting with less bugs, and its for free with real one design racing.

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Post by iconPost by The Prodigy | 2018-07-21 | 16:02:49
Can't wait to find the hidden Gates, as in the atlantic anniversary. Perhaps I'll win a bonus if I can find them first. This is why it is prohibited to look in the source code. You have to find them with your boat. Goodie!!!
Post by iconPost by The Prodigy | 2018-07-21 | 16:06:25
Perhaps they will change the white line 1 hour before we start and go anti clockwise. Perhaps we have to round the Isle of man 6 times, or go via the northern hebrides. Who knows.
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