Scores not being updated?
Post by iconPost by Saileellely | 2018-07-28 | 07:54:06

Hi, I don't want to complain or be negative.

It seems that my scores of the Clipper 13/13 are not being added to my total scores.
Race closed 3 days ago, but the scores don't show in race history and VSR ranking.

I don't remember if any other scores are missing.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Otherwise it is a lovely game. Kind regards!

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Post by iconPost by ogin8 | 2018-07-28 | 13:43:25
Hi Saileellely,

VSR Ranking being updared randomly and the last was on 25/July. Date can be seen when you opeb VSR window at the top.

Additional, you play a game developed and mantained by French company. It means that during sumer most important is summer and not customers. Plus it is a weekend it mens that work in France is not allowed by the rule, I believe.

Last but least. With present approach to the VR customers I believe that nobody cares what is your ranking and how much your gained new VSR points.

It is bussiness enterprice developed to gain money and not VSR points. Particulary your VSR points

If will accept all above certainly you will much enjoy VR game. As we do. ;)

Regards and fair winds,

Post by iconPost by BGSteMarine | 2018-07-28 | 22:51:25
And if they don't solve the problem quickly, the gap will become even larger: we will have a race closure each day within the next 4 days !
Hopefully, it will only be a question of being patient ;-)
Post by iconPost by Saileellely | 2018-07-29 | 07:26:30
Thank you for your answer Ogin8,

I see the updated date now, mine reads "As of 7/17/2018". Different from your date, but it clarifies why the latest scores are not yet added.

I am taking a less cynical approach to this game, and I am not taking it that serious. I understand that the makers of the game need a holiday every now and then. Just like I sometimes choose to sleep for 8 hours, knowing that I might miss an "important" tack and may run aground. It is all part of the game.

I still like this game, it gives me a strange kind of satisfaction.

Kind regards,

Post by iconPost by ogin8 | 2018-07-29 | 14:04:42
Hi Saileellely,

In fact I have 25 June and not July. My mistake.
No idea why we have a difference. Another bug?

But it also means that the VSR is not updated for more than one month !

I was joking in my previous post but it looks it was not a joke. And it is the way how VR's approache to their customers. At least these which are spending their monies.

I think VR managment do not sail and do not even play the VR game and what is mostly anoing thay do not feel that game and VR sailors.

But for some reason we are still here. For me it is Zezo support, this forum and past races which I participated.

Post by iconPost by BGSteMarine | 2018-07-30 | 19:31:05
Hi Ogin8
that's quite strange yes ...
On 25th of June, we have had the closure of 2 races : Groupama OPT-NC, and the last Leg of Volvo.
Since then, 2 other races has been closed, and the points added to our VSR ranking : Clipper 12/13 (New-York / Londonderry) and the Volvo Round Ireland.
Have you participated to one of these two races ?
If not, that could be the explanation. If this case, June 25th would have been the last time your own VSR points has been updated ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-07-30 | 20:20:35
I thought the score was supposed to update on Monday. Not sure if it's on the FAQ, in some news item or just a rumor.

Just realized it's Monday now.
Post by iconPost by BGSteMarine | 2018-07-30 | 21:21:04
Hi Cvetan,
The "monday update" was what we used to have for VR2 system.
Since VR3, the updates has been done "on the flight" at race closure.

I have asked the support about that, and got and answer.
They claim for a difference between what they call "fermeture" and "cloture" in french. The problem is that both term are very close to what we can call "closure" in english ...
They state that the points are added to the VSR during the second step !
Which is quite different to what we have been able to see during the lats 10 months, which is VSR points added as soon as the "end date" of the race, as shown in the info windows, is reached ...
So, I have "challenged" their answer, and wait for more info.
Will keep you posted ;-)
Post by iconPost by Saileellely | 2018-07-31 | 09:17:02
Hi BGSteMarine, that is also what I am used to. Scores are updated after race closure.

I now have at least two races (DRHEAM cup and Clipper 13) which are closed, which have not yet been updated. The clipper 13 has been removed from the board.

Post by iconPost by ogin8 | 2018-07-31 | 11:21:31
Hi BGSteMarine,

I dis Groupama OPT-NC and last leg of Cliper 13 also DRHEAM Cup. Until now VSR remains 25/June.

It looks that Groupama is accounted in my poins but VSR remains unchanged

Post by iconPost by BGSteMarine | 2018-07-31 | 18:07:50
Hi Ogin8

now that the clipper 13 points has been credited in the VSR, do you see "as of 7/31/2018" for the VSR Ranking, as expected ?

Seems we still have to wait for the DRHEAM Cup, even if the race has been removed from the interface ...
Post by iconPost by Saileellely | 2018-07-29 | 17:46:54
Well, I suppose Zezo sometimes goes on holiday as well...

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-07-30 | 20:21:27
I do, and my personal performance may suffer then. The service keeps running.
Post by iconPost by Solveig IV VSC | 2018-07-31 | 12:11:02
Hi all,

the points for Clipper 13/13 now heve been calculated and appear to be added on everyone's account. Unfortunately, the race was removed at the same time so we are unable to finf out about our final ranking after all these legs. Does anyone have a clue where to find this information?
Post by iconPost by ogin8 | 2018-08-01 | 02:53:31
Yes, scores are updated for Cliper 13/13. Let's see when they will decide to add DRHEAM Cup which already disapeared from past races and the last Atlantic record race?
Post by iconPost by Black Napkins | 2018-08-02 | 06:57:45
And Tour Voile and the AAR?
Post by iconPost by Black Napkins | 2018-08-02 | 20:17:40
VR updated Tour Voile now.
Post by iconPost by BGSteMarine | 2018-08-02 | 21:28:55
And AAR too !
Post by iconPost by BGSteMarine | 2018-08-03 | 08:49:45
And this morning the results of Atlantic Record has been added.
So the are "up to date" !
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