Post by iconPost by Tarahumara_POR | 2018-08-07 | 04:53:35


I really don't know why by my route return blank in any scale choice... I also tried opening in IE instead of Chrome and same thing.. any ideas? I tried the word rotation, to see if I was 360º rotated but is not that apparently, in the router app (chrome) it shows that was something calculated but I can't see any ruler on the chart :((

Ideas will be a great help ;) thanks and good sailing

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Post by iconPost by Tarahumara_POR | 2018-08-07 | 05:34:43
OK, some development, If I use the dashboard (extension link) the route returns blank If I enter the coordinates in an old fashion way the routes show up as normal ..... any thoughts?
I really don't know it is just me or any others are seeing the same issue.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-08-07 | 17:01:42
Yes, there is a bug when crossing the Date Line in the "opposite" direction. Almost all races run to the East and it's hard-coded in some stupid logic.

The track is there, but in the left copy of the chart, and the centering logic places you in the blank right half.

I have to fix it, but am facing a short deadline in my day job, so can't get to it right now, and it's a 10-years old code that will take some time to clean-up.

It should get better when the boat itself crosses the line
Post by iconPost by galere-splendiose | 2018-08-09 | 16:00:05
I have the same problem. As soon as I use the zoom, the routing disappears. It's the same result with Firefox or Edge.
Thanks and good sailing
Post by iconPost by Fouras_17 | 2018-08-19 | 20:59:06
Hello, I do not speak English well.
my road disappears on the zoom, it no longer appears "record pacific" race
V.R indicates example: 54 ° N 26 '14 "- 178 ° W 55' 34" no road in zezo
if I place 178° E 55'34" in zezo with the same coordinates, the route is displayed.

Post by iconPost by Fouras_17 | 2018-08-19 | 21:44:34
test change West by East- after -180° Virtual regatta map is ok sorry

Post by iconPost by Hrobert23 | 2018-08-22 | 16:13:52
Hi all,

I have this kind of problem when trying to estimate the time for the whole record ... using the timeshift menu

I think that it depends on zezo position (the position where zezo comes back to display your route and which moves when you zoom in or out).

If you put your position near YOKOHAMA, no route is displayed, neither if you'r near sans francisco ;)

However if you put zezo position in the middle of the course, you should not have any problem.

Hope this helps,
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