Post by iconPost by HAVANA | 2018-10-29 | 12:40:03


Is this race available in Zezo ?

I see the direction and I find it's wrong with the weather we have for the departure.

Can you help me?

Thank you

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Post by iconPost by turb | 2018-10-29 | 12:49:29
Yes you have to set by your own the departure point.
The UI is strange : it shows by default the weather forecast but the predicted path (and information on the compass) is based on current weather. Use the timeshift option to have the routing at the departure time.

Small question : when not using the full pack, how is it possible to change the sail with the new UI ? Currently, the TWA is 9 and I want to put Code 0 but when clicking on the sail as before, I cannot put it right now. Any clue ?

Post by iconPost by HAVANA | 2018-10-29 | 15:25:24
I don't know the new Interface, sorry.
Post by iconPost by Alex Wind | 2018-10-29 | 16:46:20
I think, you can't change the sail before start time. But you have imediatly the best sail, so you start with it.
Post by iconPost by Metot | 2018-10-29 | 17:41:42
Anyone knows how to disable autosail in the new UI?
Post by iconPost by GeGaX | 2018-10-29 | 18:21:06
It is not possible but it will change after the start of the Route du Rhum ...
Post by iconPost by mak08 | 2018-10-29 | 18:50:59
On fait d'abord l'Odyssée des Cobayes.
Post by iconPost by GeGaX | 2018-10-29 | 19:29:23
Yes as usual unfortunately ...

On the VR forum, I created an open club to list suggestions named "Offshore VR Interface Features", I invite you to participate (in English or French) once all suggestions listed I would send this report a VR with all the names of participating boats, maybe they will be inclined to discuss ...
Post by iconPost by turb | 2018-10-30 | 17:41:09
OK thanks.
To change the sail, before any change from VR, it is possible to aim an angle where the targetted sail is the best, change the sail and then rechange the angle.
Post by iconPost by Metot | 2018-10-29 | 18:38:12
Okay, Thanks GeGaX.
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