Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-11-18 | 16:07:18

I made a table that shows the predicted time to the Equator (according to different GFS models to follow weather development)

Times are rounded to 1 hour because of the 1-hour router step in 5 days.

Should update with new data around 05:05, 11:05, 17:05 and 23:05 UTC

It needs a bit of css work. Maybe links to the chart with different times. Suggestions are welcome.

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Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2018-11-18 | 16:48:12
one major update I think of could be to color with one easily eye-catching color the best values...

Or to allow to download a CSV version so we can use a spreadsheet app to do it locally.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-11-18 | 17:02:01
I thought about something like yellow below 140 and green for 130 or so.

It would also be nice to have some graphs that plot the time ;-)

The original data files look like this

cat pred/1542369600.txt
1542387600 150
1542391200 150
1542394800 150
1542398400 149
1542402000 149
1542405600 149
1542409200 149
1542412800 148

file name is the GFS stamp in unix time() format, as is the first field in the file. I can make them visible on the web server if someone is interested.

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-11-18 | 17:07:35
The times are to the equator, while sailing towards Fernando de Noronha.

But it's not the time the track crosses the Equator, just when the isochrones reach it. Which may happen East or West of the intended trajectory.
Post by iconPost by mak08 | 2018-11-18 | 21:53:38
This is a great help, thanks a lot!
I was drifting through Biskaya too lazy to look for a good start time but now I think I have to go for a try. 130h to the equator looks too tempting.

The chart links should probably use ?st for the start time, not ?t.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-11-19 | 10:13:10
Yep. That's what happens when you write code with a toddler running around you in circles ;-)

There is a related bug - the drop-down does not have the 1-hour increments so it shows "Start now" for them.

Maybe the first 48 hours should be on 1-hour intervals in the chart too, but then we hit another issue - the wind display is in 3 hour steps too.
Post by iconPost by HAVANA | 2018-11-19 | 11:14:35
Super cette programmation !
Post by iconPost by HAVANA | 2018-11-19 | 11:28:19
Alors on part ?

Post by iconPost by charles199 | 2018-11-19 | 19:27:56
Thank you very much,

but can you explain in details how it work please?

what is the first line (19.11 12Z For exemple?)
And, why there are some blank cases?

Thanks in advance,

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2018-11-19 | 19:33:50
The first line should be read as "according to the forecast from"

So, according to the forecast from 19.11 12h UTC, you would reach the equator in X hours if you started at the time in the left column.

The idea is to follow the tendencies, because sometimes there are odd cases that don't agree with the previous and following weather models.

There are blanks because it does not make sense to show hourly data for very long periods - like if you start in 3 days according to the current forecast.

So I'm currently generating hourly forecast for the first 48 hours, and 3-hour forecasts after that. There will be gaps when the current forecast meets the one 3 days back.

Additionally, it's a work in progress and every change takes 3 days to stabilize (in the past forecast columns)
Post by iconPost by Flying Phil | 2018-11-21 | 13:29:41
Thank you! Substantial time saving, I (and others players i suppose) did the same thing few times a week.
Good for the server load also.
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