Post by iconPost by Eldian | 2019-06-15 | 10:00:31

Hello Cvetan,
will you provide routing an predicted times for this new record ?


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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-06-15 | 13:50:24
Tomorrow, when the race is online.
Post by iconPost by Eldian | 2019-06-16 | 12:21:07
The race is online ;)
I need Zezo's help, i'm too used to it...
Post by iconPost by tyghfg | 2019-06-16 | 12:50:57
its sunday man, there's no record breaking condition now so chill and relax :) he's a man of his word so lets wait patiently :)
Post by iconPost by Fouras_17 | 2019-06-17 | 14:56:36
Marseille not present home page zezo.

But ok in dashboard

Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-06-17 | 18:24:49
Thanks. Fixed. Too many races started this weekend and I forgot some of the steps.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-06-17 | 16:57:44
For reference... In January 2018, Mangina won this with a time of 12:10:45. 33 boats were within 5 minutes of that time.

I seem to remember that event having a nearly perfect weather window. The interesting thing with this iteration is... that might not happen. Perhaps a time of 20 hours will be good enough. Perhaps even DRICA's 27:16 will be good enough. Probably not... but maybe. (I wouldn't mind, in third at 27:31).
Post by iconPost by f0eeb | 2019-06-18 | 06:04:03
Hello Cvetan,
are you sure that the predicted times are refresh for Med record ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-06-18 | 07:29:32
Ooops. They were not, for sure.

Post by iconPost by Fouras_17 | 2019-06-20 | 20:08:27
Hello, I do not understand anymore.
Check out Marseille now ...
Zezo = heading 160 ° - Twa 50 ° starboard
Interface V.R = heading 160 ° - Twa = 97 ° starboard ???????

There is a problem ? or at home the bugg
Thank you
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-06-20 | 20:13:05
You are looking at the weather 4 days ahead.

Set your time selection drop-down to 'Start now'

Always a problem with the record-type races, gets you sooner or later.
Post by iconPost by Fouras_17 | 2019-06-20 | 20:16:14
What a donkey!
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-06-20 | 20:24:04
We've all been there. More than once, usually ;-)

So i have the answer in my head when I see the question. I also have the logs to check if my guess is correct.

I once tied to make the links from the predicted times page open a new session so the charts don't interfere with a possible current run, and it mostly worked. Have to check what happened with that.
Post by iconPost by Fouras_17 | 2019-06-20 | 20:37:29
Yes, I see a lot of work.
For information, figaro 4, visible in menu dashbord, but not activated.
Good luck and thank you
Post by iconPost by Thorgal_Oupresk | 2019-06-22 | 08:09:07
Hi Zezo
Thx for all your work every day, on every race.
I'm sorry and I am, maybe, a little bit silly but I don't really understand the predicted times board.
In the line = day & hour to start
but what do the columns mean please ?
Thx for your help.
Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2019-06-22 | 10:08:51
Leftmost column is latest forecast predicted times, columns to right are times predicted by older forecasts for same start times down left side
Post by iconPost by rowie | 2019-07-15 | 20:17:33
Hello Cvetan,

Firstly, thank you for your work and for offering this service.

I have a question regarding the routing for the Med Record. The router during both the last 2 windows has recommended gybing on to port around mid way (N/S) between Sardinia and Tunisia, before gybing back on to starboard towards the finish.
However, it is clearly faster to make the port gybe earlier and further North. There have been no significant wind updates to account for this change, it just is faster.

So my question is:
What is it that is preventing the router from recommending a path further towards the north?

I would just like to understand so I can account for it in the future. Thank you.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-07-16 | 16:37:52
Hard to tell without looking at the picture. There is usually a reason behind it, but the router is not guaranteed to be optimal, so it might have been a glitch for no particular reason.

What I remember from the last run (Got 12th place, btw) is that there was a low pressure system centered somewhere north of Corse, with a NW stream along the route. The router was trying to keep in the middle of it, but the gradients were such that there was no single optimum track.
Post by iconPost by rowie | 2019-07-16 | 23:16:01
Thanks for the reply. Congrats on the 12th!
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