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I noticed something that I figured would be worth sharing...

I'm sure many have noticed that most of the time, the Rankings page within an active single leg of a multi-leg event no longer has a "switch" to see the overall event rankings. I'm not sure if VR removed that intentionally or by mistake.

But... if you go into your race history, and pull up a closed event there... The switch is present in those historical rankings. So you can see your overall event ranking (for closed legs only) that way.

Unfortunately, it doesn't show the scores in there... Just the ranking. So you can't tell how far ahead/behind your nearest competitors you are (unless you can find your own scores and theirs in each leg and do the math). But at least you can see the overall event rank.

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Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-06-20 | 21:20:35
With no active races, I decided to go to do the math for the top 25 in Magellan through three legs.

1 tame bird 9909
2 kimigbg 9718
3 Eric I 9298
4 BRA KC 9148
5 Totem_I 7848
6 GreenPiece 7818
7 layline007 7705
8 zolinho 7696
9 Aigle-Vert 7592
10 lady bellevue 7461
11 macotoso 7184
12 Tipapacheri 7182
13 Toppen 7177
14 Roguewave 7045
15 NZ-Eligo 7028
16 leviathan13 6967
17 Buddha 6836
18 Dogboris 6833
19 AlbatrosTPN 6784
20 M63-EZ 6741
21 Velluim 6735
22 Your Mom SA 6684
23 Megalithe 6682
24 doudeol 6650
25 kramaouet 6767

I don't think I'll do the same for La Solitaire after Leg 3 closes, because I'm in 40th for that and I don't want to do the math for 40+ entries.
Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2019-06-21 | 04:34:36
I did see the scores once recently for La Solitaire and looking at the numbers they didn't seem to match any of the calculations we know of. What did you use above, credits or the old points?

It was after Urgo 2 and I had around 3670 for a 19th and 4th which was too high for old points and too low for credits. La Semillante's points seemed too high for either for 2,1 but I can't remember the numbers well enough.

The points have disappeared now though. I did run out of battery on my phone so might have been on my wife's iPhone...

Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-06-21 | 13:43:27
You have the VR app on your wife's phone? My wife is pretty understanding about my addiction to this silly game, but that's pretty impressive.

Anyway... I just found where you can see the totals! When a new leg is ready, but hasn't started yet, the switch is there in that new leg's rankings. So I may have wasted my time doing that math because it's all readily visible in Magellan Leg 4 right now. The totals they're showing are all within a point or two of my math, so that would just be rounding differences. It's the same calculation as Credits Earned.

It's actually also visible in La Solitaire Leg 4 right now, but here's the problem... It won't include Leg 3's results until Leg 3 closes... And Leg 3 doesn't close until Leg 4 starts... And that screen will disappear when Leg 4 starts (unless they fix whatever causes it to disappear). (Right now, through 2 legs, it's showing you with 3863).

Credits Earned is better than the old VSR calculation (or the new one) because it's independent of your boat's current rank. If any of the VSR math was used, then being highly ranked would hurt your score within the event, which would be a serious problem.

I wish they'd recover the ability to do cumulative elapsed time, though. I think they did that in one or two races back in VRO2. Maybe the Mini Transat 2-3 years ago, I think. But ever since VRO3, it has only been on score based on credits earned. Solitaire is a good example of an event that would be better done by total elapsed time (partly simply because that's how the real event does it).
Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2019-06-21 | 15:01:31
Ah, that's where I saw it! in Urgo 3 before the start.

I actually came 16th not 19th in Urgo 1 which probably explains why I thought the points were wrong, LOL!

My wife didn't have much choice, she was driving us home and I just installed it when I saw my battery had gone .. I had to come clean when it started making the stupid sound effects and music noises ... she didn't mind ... but wait for it ... she was driving us home from a 30 week baby scan so that I could make some course adjustments ... yes, she is very understanding :-) ... but a little tired of it since I have done a race each week for almost 2 months now ,,, and it would seem I'm just not the type to take it easy ;-)

Urgo 4 might be my last for a bit as I also have a Moth to do some pretty major carbon fibre surgery on before the baby arrives. Might do Med record if a nice fast window appears.

BTW, I also hate the card game but seeing as I don't like to compromise I do races on credits when I have plenty and let myself buy whatever I need so its almost like I have full pack (except I don't throw away waypoints like I might on full pack to test other options). Even so I have done all the 3 Urgos like this and with good results only ended up about 1000 less per race.
Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2019-06-22 | 12:36:04
Maybe the heard us, the overall rankings with points are still there in Urgo 4 and now have Urgo 3 :-)
Post by iconPost by MidnightFoiler | 2019-06-22 | 14:46:42
And now its gone :-(
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