Post by iconPost by DonJuan21 | 2019-07-22 | 22:36:05

Here's a handy chart showing upcoming projected finish times in the Atlantic Challenge.

Cevetan, is there a way I can update my google sheet automagically as your finish times get updated? Can you read-only link me in?


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Post by iconPost by DonJuan21 | 2019-07-23 | 19:26:14
Never mind about the auto update. I figured out how to do it. So my link now also shows Full Pack and No Options on the same chart for comparison. It should update within an hour of zezo's predicted times table updates.


Post by iconPost by DonJuan21 | 2019-08-02 | 06:54:32
Do you have any idea why at times, the no-options forecasts can actually beat the full pack? Do you take sail change penalties into account?

Say you are sailing right on the edge of a sail change and maybe the wind oscillates and auto sail makes 10 changes in 6 hours.

With no-options there aren't as many transition points.


Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-08-02 | 08:02:34
Could be. A sail change is worth about 2 minutes at zero speed without pro winches, and those add up quickly. Sail changes are one aspect where the optimizer can't claim global optimum.
Post by iconPost by DonJuan21 | 2019-08-21 | 01:23:40
There's sort-of a decent time tonight at 1:00 EDT.
Post by iconPost by mcmgj | 2019-08-25 | 22:52:53
When zezo compute ERT, the penalities are in.
When only some otpions are checked, and as no choice for polish, the polish is include with winches pro

Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-08-27 | 15:12:02
Since I chose to skip the Transatlantic record, I've been eying the NY-SF record as an interesting one. I'm tired of transatlantics, but I like doing courses that are new (or at least unusual) in VR.

Is there any way for Cvetan to get the race set up in Zezo before the start? I'm guessing no... Partly because we can't know the exact locations of the start, finish, and turning marks until then, but mostly because we don't even know until then which boat it's on, right?

I ask simply because I've had fun in some of the other record attempts starting ASAP after the event opens, and then trying to be the first to post a time, even though I know that initial record probably won't last. But... in a race like NY-SF... it's going to take so long that this approach is probably a bad idea, unless we know already that the initial weather is decent and that nothing exceptionally good is going to come along for at least a couple weeks. I've been trying to check it using the Atlantic Record's router, but it's hard to be sure if that info is useful... If NY-SF is on a maxed out ultime, then the Atlantic's mono maxi polars won't be good for evaluating start times.

Here's a different question that maybe we CAN try to answer pre-start... what destination(s) should be used for evaluating the quality of a start window in NY-SF, and what elapsed time to those destinations would be good from NY on the different boat types? I'm guessing the main destination would be the equator? The trouble with that is that you can route to the equator off Northern Brazil faster than a real routing to Cape Horn would ever want to go. So... maybe "Equator West of 35W" or something like that? Or FdN? If the boat is an Ultime, then it MIGHT be possible for the router to go as far as Cape Horn. Anyway... It seems like it might take a maxi monohull 9-10 days to the equator in an ok weather window, and maybe 20 or more to Cape Horn. I'm not sure how good a "good weather window" would be. Maybe 8-9 days and 18? And then for ultimes, maybe 7 days and 16-17? I'm not sure. Just throwing out some guesses.
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-08-27 | 17:44:06
After some thought... never mind. Since they've defined the schedule for the remainder of 2019 without any other record attempts, it's probably safe to assume NY-SF will be open until at least the end of December. That takes us through the whole North Atlantic Hurricane season... which means there should be multiple opportunities to ride strong tropical depressions for the first part of an attempt... which probably means there won't be any really good starting windows until the first such depression comes through... So there's no rush to get the routing working ASAP.

I'd like to get multiple runs done, but it seems likely that the best opportunities may be in late September or early October. Oh well. Might do it anyway, just to collect cards. Not sure.
Post by iconPost by tyghfg | 2019-08-28 | 11:27:32
what i'd love to see is an alternative route through magellan strait, or even better going through nw passage (btw just finished watching "terror" so the hype is real :D ), but i expect nothing more than ride around america with mark on cape horn... anyway we'll know soon enough:)
Post by iconPost by mcmgj | 2019-08-28 | 07:30:15
Hello All,
I think that the chart for predicted time for Atlantic Record not need to go after this day, as the deadline is the September 01 at 00:00 GMT .
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