Post by iconPost by Olivier92 | 2020-11-09 | 10:21:10

Hi all,

I have 2 questions :
1) What is the meaning of the dot color (blue/red) ?
2) Why are there some dot (showing racers?) who are apparently much ahead of the race, at unlikely positions ?

Thanks you

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Post by iconPost by k1w1 | 2020-11-09 | 10:29:20
Blue and red mean. Full pack options and racers playing on credits. Not sure which way it is. The dots you see up in the distance only signifies where someone has made a point to route to in their planning. It does signify a boat. You can put your cursor any way and it will leave a dot!!

Post by iconPost by Olivier92 | 2020-11-09 | 12:01:00
Thanks !
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