CDN test #3
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-11-28 | 12:56:26

Ok, not really CDN

Maybe a CDN is not a very good idea. CDN can be nightmare to support.

Decided to try a little virtual server in Strasbourg instead. Idea is to use it to cache the images, but will serve the site too with the current config.

Please try opening and tell me how it works for you. In theory it should even be a bit more responsive for users in France and Germany than the usual site.

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Post by iconPost by Margaron | 2020-11-28 | 14:20:27
Hello, it works and faster for me in Est of France (not that far from Strasbourg but I don't know if it makes a difference).
Post by iconPost by Lazy_Hikers_Finland | 2020-11-28 | 14:43:35
Works great. W10+Chrome.
Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-11-28 | 15:05:54
Works great with no noticeable difference in Canada. However, at times I have experienced some DNS resolving delays on the regular site, so having an alternate could be beneficial.
Post by iconPost by tabasco2 | 2020-11-28 | 15:24:08
Works great. Is faster here in Argentina. win10+chrome, win10+chronium

Post by iconPost by urbicande | 2020-11-28 | 16:35:29
Works very well, with Chrome on windows 10, southwest France
Post by iconPost by tyfouesn | 2020-11-28 | 16:43:31
Nice response time from Versailles, with Brave/OSX Big Sur
Post by iconPost by etrille17 | 2020-11-28 | 17:04:39
Very good here in my oleron's island
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-11-28 | 17:36:20
I switched the image serving to the new front-end now.

There was initial glitch when every browser had to reload all the data anew. Looks fine now.
Post by iconPost by Eliric | 2020-11-28 | 18:01:17
Faster from me in very well in Chrome ( Win 10) and IPad OS14.2.Thanks

Post by iconPost by WakeUp650 | 2020-11-28 | 18:28:27
It works.
I'd say it's faster
Post by iconPost by pfilou49 | 2020-11-28 | 18:32:02
faster for me Yvelines France
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-11-28 | 18:41:48
It won't be much faster because the main delay comes from the routing calculation itself.

But it's 30 milliseconds closer to the world and the VPS sits at gigabit physical port, so the load time for the winds and map should be better indeed.
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2020-11-28 | 19:57:40
Hi Cvetan,

Response time is fine (actually, I already though it was acceptable from the original site ^^).

BTW, if you want to translate some part of your fr subdomain in french, just tell me (you have my email) :)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-11-28 | 21:03:13
Thanks. It's not intended to be used as main site. Just kind of mini-cdn serving the static images.
Post by iconPost by Bemerech | 2020-11-29 | 09:33:23
Living in Strasbourg, can you please keep that one? :D
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-11-29 | 09:57:19
About half of traffic comes from there now. Winds and chart.

The rest is dynamically generated (mostly the track/isochrone images)
Post by iconPost by jphe | 2020-11-30 | 10:39:39
Works fine for me in Paris (Linux Ubuntu + chrome)
seems a little faster
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