weird new behavior /!\
Post by iconPost by jfloviou | 2020-12-05 | 00:17:25

since this evening (might have started a few hours ago) I've noticed a gap between planned positions by Zezo, and "reality". Checking where it could come from, i've noticed the TWA is weird by a few degrees.
For example Zezo tells me:
00:50 TWD 258, TWA 140, HDG: 118
01:00 TWD 258, TWA 140, HDG: 121

The new HDG is wrong! with wind 258 (correct compared to VR), TWA 140, HDG should stay 118
When I refresh at 01:00, it's again wrong after first 10 minutes.

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-12-05 | 17:11:03
Inconsistencies are expected during the wind update.

Look here:

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