Cap Horn bug
Post by iconPost by nikos1229tdm | 2020-12-13 | 07:05:27

Hello, first of all thank for the Website. I think thé routing is buggy near Cape Horn because it takes us to thé middle of south américa. Thanks for watching this. Have à good Day.

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Post by iconPost by Retsam | 2020-12-13 | 08:17:47
Routing shows you the shortest way (from your current place). Put different target, like Nemo Point.
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-12-13 | 11:03:59
The router has issues with distant targets behind obstacles (land, or the red line now). It will fix itself once we get closer. You can leave your target at Cape Horn or move it closer as suggested. It should not really matter.
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