Export routes in GPX format ?
Post by iconPost by artis31 | 2020-12-31 | 11:41:11


Is there an export option of zezo route so I can compare differentes ones ? I can't find it.
The only thing I saw is a separate extension that used zezo data made by GeGax in 2018, but it seems that it doesn't exist any more...

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Post by iconPost by BooBill | 2020-12-31 | 13:58:44
And this http://zezo.org/forum.pl?tid=8154 thread discusses how to export the .gpx and convert to .kml, which is better for importing to Windy and Google Earth.
Post by iconPost by artis31 | 2020-12-31 | 14:34:29
Yes, that's it, many thanks !
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