Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2020-11-14 | 15:23:22

I just received a request to add CR/LF line termination to NMEA messages as mandated by the spec. This shouldn't break anything, right? Can current users comment?

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Post by iconPost by Ultimate Victory | 2020-11-14 | 18:32:28
I'm using Adrena, I can do a test for you to see if it breaks
Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2020-11-14 | 19:15:40
It's actually only a small change in the nmea_proxy

Post by iconPost by Ultimate Victory | 2020-11-14 | 23:10:50
ok, I confirm it works on Adrena with your small change.
Post by iconPost by fab | 2020-11-15 | 07:12:37
Works on QtVLM too.

as a new feature can you send AIS Sentences for friends ?
Post by iconPost by Ultimate Victory | 2020-11-15 | 09:14:36
Adding friends thru AIS is a very good suggestion. Hardtrack how can we help you on this ? Is there any public repo with your code somewhere we can work as a community on ?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2020-11-15 | 09:22:13
It's on github.

You also get the source with each install.

Find amknkhejaogpekncjekiaolgldbejjan on your hard drive, copy it, modify, load as unpacked extension, test and send patch ;-)
Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2020-11-15 | 10:01:07
I got requests for this by e-mail as well, and I even received a patch already.

I've created branch 'ais' in the repo and merged the patch. I didn't try it yet.

$ git clone
$ cd VRDashboard
$ git checkout ais

Then load this directory as an unpacked extension.

Feedback is welcome.

Thanks to Jérémy Rubert for the patch.

Post by iconPost by Ultimate Victory | 2020-11-15 | 15:46:54
I confirm that the AIS data are shown correctly in Adrena. It would be great to add the boat names too. I've added a github issue to track this request.
Post by iconPost by Hardtack | 2020-11-22 | 11:34:36
The AIS patch is now merged in VRDashboard version 3.13.1.
Review by Google is pending.

Thanks to Jérémy Rubert & Xavier Pillons.

Post by iconPost by YC6211 | 2020-11-23 | 05:19:42
Works on qtVlm. I wondered why I could suddenly see all the boats around me. Kinda funny seeing an AIS alarm for a virtual race.
Post by iconPost by Ultimate Victory | 2020-11-23 | 10:03:13
Guys, I don't have a refresh of all my friends in the fleet tab and hence in AIS when I click on the refresh button on the VR UI below the clock. It uses to work until yesterday, but it was transient. Now I have to reload the whole game.

Is it only for me or do you have the same ?
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